Services providers


Real Estate

Looking for a new commercial space to start your new F&B venture or looking to sell a current space?

Chef's Kitchen

Kitchen Equipment

We understand that all our customers are different. Here is a curated list of kitchen supplies for everyone.

Ink Jet Printer

Print & Merchandise

Uniforms, menus, fliers... Whether is it a single piece or a bulk order, we got you covered.

Bar Stools


Refine your guests' dining experience. Having the perfect furniture set-up earns your restaurant extra points.

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Services

Hire a team of professionals to maintain your establishment's cleanliness.

Menu Board

Restaurant Marketing

Menus, website, banners - make a great first impression. Get creative!

Business Meeting

F&B Consultancies

Have questions or difficulties regarding your F&B operations?

Dollar Bill in Jar

Finance Services

Lower interest rates, faster approval time, streamlined processes. 

Pest Control

Pest Control

Maintaining your establishment's hygiene standards is of the utmost importance.

Packages on Shelves

Logistics Solutions

Manage and streamline your restaurant's logistics here.

Flower Bouquet

Florists & Plants

Reshape your guest's dining experience through beautiful floral displays.

Office Work

Administrative Services

One stop service to handle all your admin matters, so you can focus on delivering the best food quality. 

Decorated Event Table

Event Management

Product launches, company events, year-end parties - leave it to the professionals!


Restaurant Solutions

Leverage on the latest technology to streamline your restaurant operations.

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