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First impression counts - fully customize the look of your restaurant, from websites to menus to photography services.


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iFoundries is a digital agency that empowers growing businesses with expertly-crafted digital strategies. iFoundries exists to grow businesses through innovative digital solutions. As a results-driven digital agency, we combine world-class digital marketing, design and web development talent with a unique integrated approach to help clients grow at scale and speed.


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Enjoy up to 20% off the following solutions:


  • Marketing automation platform for F&B

  • Flexible Digital marketing solution for F&B

  • AI-based Anti-spam solution for F&B



Accelerate your F&B business with our F&B start-up kit at just $5000. Equip yourself with all the necessary tools to give your F&B business an online presence. You may take a look HERE.


Start-up kit comes with the following:

  • A content management templated website​​

  • 12 months web and email hosting

  • 12 months domain name


foodpanda Restaurant Partner Benefits:

  • Enjoy 12 months of free marketing automation subscription worth over $4000 for your digital marketing needs

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HungryGoWhere is the leading pioneer in the food scene since 2007. We have been serving the needs of millions of food lover's monthly by helping them get the food they crave. Our marketing for restaurants through food news, stories, reviews, and our millions of readers' contributions have helped many restaurants grow their businesses.


HungryGoWhere has also been serving the needs of restaurants by creating extensive tools such as restaurant marketing campaigns, reservations, table management, queue management, takeaway tools to help them increase revenue and reduce cost - two main components of a restaurant’s success.


HungryGoWhere continues to curate exciting stories and promote best marketing for restaurants to connect with our readers.


foodpanda Restaurant Partner Benefits:


A boutique agency specialising in the F&B and Hospitality industry. From buzzing little cafes to full-fledged restaurants and cocktail bars — we’ll manage your social media platforms from start to finish. 


Our services include:


1. Community Management (Facebook, Instagram, Google, Trip Advisor)

2. Content Creation

3. Social Media Ad Management

4. Reporting & Analytics

5. Design & Branding

6. Photography & Videography


foodpanda Restaurant Partner Benefits:

  • Enjoy 10% off social media packages

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LIME is a design and branding agency, specialising in bespoke solutions for F&B and hospitality businesses.


We create brands, designs, experiences that adds value and desirability to your business. Drop us a message and let's chat! 


foodpanda Restaurant Partner Benefits:


Enjoy up to 10% off the following services:​​

  • Branding & Design

  • Franchise Branding

  • Corporate Identity

  • Product Design

  • Spatial Design

  • Social Media Management


Quirk is an award winning integrated marketing communications agency. We create intelligent, visual compelling interactive web and graphic design that converts to quantifiable business results resulting in a positive ROI. 


With more than 15 years of experience, we have experienced an exponential growth since the company's incorporation in 2009 having worked on more than 800 projects with more 200 companies ranging from SMEs, MNCs and Government sectors as well as F&Bs including BreadTalk Group, TungLok Group, 4Fingers, Ya Kun, Long Beach Seafood, Pasta Brava, Long John Silver’s, Pasta Fresca in the area of branding, marketing & interior design consultation.


foodpanda Restaurant Partner Benefits:

Enjoy up to 10% off the following services:​​

  • Social Media Marketing & Management (Facebook, Instagram) 

  • Branding & Design 

  • Spatial/Interior Design 

  • Website Design & Development 

  • Photography & Videography 

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Roquepress is a results-driven advanced web agency which provides the most astonishing services in the fields of website design, web development, and e-commerce in Singapore. Today, your website is usually the very first impression a client or customer will have of your business. At Roquepress, we believe that creating memorable experiences are the best way to connect with your consumers.

foodpanda Restaurant Partner Benefits:

  • Up to 10% off all packages

  • 1 year free web hosting with any package

Affluence Public Relations provides expert media and public engagement strategies for brands and businesses in the F&B and retail space. We help our clients to generate media buzz for their new initiatives, and help create emotive social media campaigns to generate leads for clients, leading to increased awareness, new customers and more sales.  Over 12 years, we have served over 400 brands, which include District 10, Putien, Pastamania, Mookata, Koka, Don Don Donki and Funsiamo.
Our services include:

  • Public Relations 

  • Social Media Marketing 

  • Digital Marketing 

  • Influencer Marketing


foodpanda Restaurant Partner Benefits:

  • 1 Media Tasting event with 10 media and influencers at only $2,000


Decadence Design is a graphic design agency that focuses on the indulgent F&B and retail industries. Beyond eye-catching and succulent visuals that attract, inform and engage customers, our marketing arm will work with the design team to ensure that your creative concept and promotional messages would be suitable for the brand, the marketing channel and the audience being targeted to ensure maximum returns.
Our services include:

  • Logo design

  • Website Design

  • Menu Design

  • Social Media Design


foodpanda Restaurant Partner Benefits:

  • Free design job for a one-page flyer worth $250