Traditional Five Spice Prawn Roll

A premium snack which is infused with many flavourful spices, prawn and meat fillings. A taste so special and unique, a favourite snack that survived the test of time and a traditional secret family recipe passed down from a generation to the next. It taste so good when eaten on it's own or even with plain porridge.

Traditional Five Spice Prawn Roll

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  • Ingredients

    Pork, Vegetables, Prawn, Lard, Modified Starch (E1414), Cuttlefish, Beancurd Skin, Sugar, Seasonings, Egg, Phosphate(E451i), Pepper, Salt, Flavor Enhancer(E621).

  • Storage Guidelines

    1. Keep frozen at -18°C.
    2. Consume after heating up the product.
    3. Do not refreeze after thawed.
  • Occasion

    Family/Friends gathering, BBQ, Home Party, Tea Time, Festive Celebration, Corporate Event, Banquet, Catering.

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  • Pack Size

    6pcs, 10pcs

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