Ngoh Hiang Roll

Ngoh Hiang Roll is infused with the right amount of ingredients such as meat, vegetable and our signature spices. It's fragrant aroma and fillings would make your hands reach for them non-stop. Easy and fuss free preperation to enjoy this golden crispy snack by itself or paired with any other dishes.

Ngoh Hiang Roll

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  • Ingredients

    Pork, Vegetables, Flour, Lard, Sugar, Celery, Flavor Enhancer (E621), Five Spice Powder, Salt, Pepper, Phosphate (E451i), Bean Curd Skin.

  • Storage Guidelines

    1. Keep frozen at -18°C.
    2. Consume after heating up the product.
    3. Do not refreeze after thawed.
  • Occasion

    Family/Friends gathering, BBQ, Home Party, Tea Time, Festive Celebration, Corporate Event, Banquet, Catering.

  • Certifications & Endorsements


  • Pack Size

    6pcs, 10pcs

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