Chinese Sausage

A favourite traditional snack that was consumed during festive occasion in the past. It has become part of the Chinese heritage and is totally different from western sausages in colour and taste. It's distinct red colour would attract you to give it a try and it's unique fragrant taste you won't forget for years to come.

Chinese Sausage

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  • Ingredients

    Pork, Starch, Sugar, Seasoning, Hot Casing, Salt, Flavour Enhancer(E621), Phosphate(E451i), Pepper, Food Coloring(E124).

  • Storage Guidelines

    1. Keep frozen at -18°C.
    2. Consume after heating up the product.
    3. Do not refreeze after thawed.
  • Occasion

    Family/Friends gathering, BBQ, Home Party, Tea Time, Festive Celebration, Corporate Event, Banquet, Catering.

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