pandasupport hawkers

pandasupport hawkers initiative

In addition to the  Booster Package, we have decided to launch  the pandasupport Hawkers initiative to provide  hawkers with additional support.

How do I sign up for the pandasupport hawkers initiative?

Please read the FAQ below for more details on the initiative.

The pandasupport hawkers initiative is only eligible for new incoming vendors with stalls in hawker centres managed by NEA or NEA-appointed operators. Vendors must have a valid NEA hawker license with no ACRA certification.


For hawkers with ACRA certificates, please refer to the Booster Package instead.

For existing vendors  signing up new additional outlets, you will need to upload individual hawker licenses for each submission.  Please only amend your postal codes and vendor codes for each submission.

Click here to sign up for new hawkers

  • Sign up by 30th June 2020.

  • 1 month of commission-free service from date of activation.

  • Front page view on our “Hawker Favourites” Carousel tile.



For any further questions or enquiries, please reach us HERE.

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