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General Questions

What is foodpanda?

foodpanda is the most convenient online food ordering site, connecting people with the best restaurants around them. We believe food is a pleasure and food ordering should be fast and definitely a fun experience. #onlinefoodordering #connectingpeople #restaurants

Why should my restaurant partner with foodpanda?

Our partners benefit a lot from foodpanda: increased revenue, better profit margins, many new customers, happy existing customers, free marketing, and no additional work for you. The list is long and our partners love us for what we do! #increaserevenue #profitmargins #newcustomers #freemarketing #mobileapplication

What kind of restaurants are foodpanda looking for?

As a delivery concept for quality restaurants we are looking for the best restaurants in the city. We like restaurants of all tastes: Chinese, Korean, Indian, Italian, French, Spanish, Japanese, American, Middle Eastern, South African, South American, Vegan/Vegetarian and many more. #chinese #korean #asian #french #italian #spanish #japanese #american #middleeastern #african #vegan #vegetarian

What is my onboarding status?

Thank you for enquiring. Kindly fill up this form.

What is my vendor code?

Vendor code is a 4 digit alphanumeric that is unique to each outlet. Go to the Godroid app, tap on the 3 line menu Top corner right will be your vendor code Do keep this information handy as we will be requesting it every time you have an issue. #godroid


How does a partnership with foodpanda work?

You simply cook while we do all the rest! We create your customized restaurant online profile, help you expand your customer base, take care of the payment, link you to drivers for the delivery process, do all the marketing, take care of the customer service, and so on and so forth. Life is easy with us and all our restaurant partners love it! #partnership

After completing the paperwork, how long is your onboarding process? When can we start receiving orders?

The onboarding process will take about 10-14 working days. After which, a menu-preview link will be emailed to you for confirmation. A confirmation and training call will also be given before bringing your page live on the platform to start receiving orders. #onboarding #menumanagement #confirmation #training


Does your contract bind me to be exclusive with foodpanda? Can I partner with other delivery providers?

No, unless otherwise stated in the contract.

Is there any contract period?

No. Our partner agreements do not carry any contract period. #contract

What happens after I sign the contract form?

It leads to a signed e-contract being generated, after which your contract will be processed and menu being created. Please note that during this period, any form of changes/details, including operational changes, menu changes as well as commission rate if any, are strictly not allowed. #contract

I do not have a Business Registration Number, can I still join foodpanda?

Yes, it is still possible to partner with foodpanda without a Business Registration Number, kindly indicate NA where Business Registration Number is applicable while signing up. #businessregistrationnumber


Can I discuss the commission rate?

We will only be able to disclose the commission rate once all the relevant documents are sent.

Why is our commission rate so high? How do you charge your commission rate?

We require such rates to improve our services, technology and operations for vendors and customers alike. We offer commission rates based on several factors: - Brand equity - Number/location of outlets - Cuisine type - Average basket size If you wish to change your commission rate, it can be reviewed by your respective account manager after a few months during our partnership.

Is your commission rate inclusive of GST?

The commission rates offered are NOT inclusive of GST. Our systems will take the 7% GST into consideration upon invoicing you during our partnership.

Menu and Operations

What is the delivery radius and minimum order value like?

Delivery radiuses are based off a 15-minute delivery time, which gives an approximate 2-3km radius. The minimum order value is $12. #deliveryradius

What is the delivery charge? Is it the same regardless of the size of the order?

foodpanda applies a distance-based delivery charge that is paid for by the customer. Delivery charges can range from S$0.99 to S$5.99 depending on the delivery distance. #deliverycharges

How do I register my outlet's off days?

1.During the onboarding process, we will ask you for your off days, you may then indicate or register your outlet’s specific off days there. 2. Moving forward you can head to the Restaurant Portal to make real time changes.
3. Alternatively, if it is a special case/long term closure, please write to Partner Service 2-3 days in advance for us our team to make the necessary adjustments.

Are we able to go offline if we are busy and not able to accept orders?

Yes you will be able to change your online page status to “Available”, “Busy” or “Unavailable” at any time through the restaurant app on the device (Godroid) provided. Please note that as soon as you switch your status to “Busy”, you have 30 minutes until your status switches back to “Available”. #offline #available #busy #status

For food items that are sold out or unavailable for that day, how do I prevent them from being placed in orders?

There are options to remove unavailable food items temporarily via our restaurant app. Customers will no longer be able to see or place unavailable food items in their orders. Alternatively, you can make menu changes via the Restaurant Portal before you start your day.

What happens if I accept an order, then realise the item is not available? May we contact the order to offer replacement?

In such cases, kindly decline order on the restaurant app and you can choose a reason. Then the customers number will be displayed there where you can choose to call the customer and negotiate to send something else with the equal price. Changes would not be shown on the restaurant app but order can continued be process. Alternatively, kindly use your Godroid device to speak to our Partner Service team via Chat Help Support. #godroid #helpsupport #partnerservice

Will we be compensated due to spillage/damage caused by the rider during delivery?

We advise you to have your food packaged properly. However, if such situations happened, foodpanda will take care of the customer service recovery (such as refund and compensate customers with an apology voucher). You may also check which packing is more suitable our packaging services here.

Can my menu be amended if there is a need to do so?

Menu changes can be made via Restaurant Portal. Alternatively for other changes, kindly visit Formstack. Please note that a camera captured image of your latest dine in menu is required for price verification purposes.

May we list a set menu that is not available in our dine-in menu?

Yes, as long as it is not perceived to be more expensive than your a-la-carte items in your dine-in menu. However, this is subject to evaluation and approval by foodpanda’s menu consultants to help ensure you have the best price guaranteed. #menu #dinein

What is the average processing time for menu changes?

We suggest vendors doing it real time via the Restaurant Portal. Alternatively if you have submitted via Formstack, the average processing time is 2-5 working days, depending on the extent of the changes.

Are we able to sell alcohol on foodpanda if we do have alcohol on our menu?

Yes, you may sell alcohol on foodpanda. However, a Liquor License would have to be shown to us before we can make your alcoholic beverages visible on our platform. #alcohol

How do I mark my restaurant as 'Halal' on foodpanda?

A Halal certification will be required in order to do so. #halal

Can I mark up the prices of my food items for deliveries?

At foodpanda we have a no mark-up and a best price guarantee policy. We also take a customer-centric approach to ensure price transparency. Therefore, all dine-in prices and delivery prices must match. #markup


How long is your billing cycle?

The billing cut-off dates are on every 15th and end of the month (monthly). Depends vendors sign for weekly or biweekly billing frequency

What are the charges involved?

We will only be able to disclose the commission rate once all the relevant documents are sent. For orders paid for by the customer by credit card, an additional 3% bank charge will be applied. There is also a S$100 (one-time) setup fee deductible in your first billing cycle.

We are not a GST-registered company. Do we still have to pay for the GST?

Yes. As foodpanda is a GST registered company, GST will be applied based-off the commission rate on the order value. For example, if a customer orders $10 worth of food, foodpanda’s share would be $3.75 inclusive GST while your share would be $6.25 net.

Panda Partners

What is Panda Partners?

It is an initiative by foodpanda designed to help our restaurant partners better manage their businesses via a suite of services. Simply put, our objective is to add more value to our restaurant partners! Do browse through the platform and enjoy the exclusive deals. *Do note that any transactions made will be strictly between you and the service provider, and no guarantees are made regarding the quality of service you might expect from any of the professionals or businesses.

How do I enjoy full benefits?

To enjoy the full benefits, you simply have to be an active foodpanda restaurant partner. Look out for "foodpanda restaurant benefits" to view the offers and deals exclusively for restaurant partners.

What happens once I fill up the 'Enjoy exclusive deals' form?

Your details will be verified! Be patient with us - the service provider will then reach out to you in 2 business days.

I am not satisfied with one of the service providers on your platform

We are sorry to hear about that! Please contact the service provider directly for the fastest resolution. Alternatively, you can reach out to us at and we will be able to look into it. We would also like to hear your feedback - kindly drop an email to and we will be really grateful to hear from you on how we can improve the existing services.

Who do I make payment to?

Payments will be made directly to the service provider, unless otherwise specified. foodpanda will not be involved in any billing transactions between the restaurant partner and service provider. All payments will be made directly to the service provider you have engaged.

I am a Service Provider and would like to be featured on this platform

Thank you for your interest! We will be happy to hear from you. Do fill up this form here and we will be in touch with you shortly. Alternatively, you may reach out to us at

Get started

How do I get started?

Submit your restaurant information here. Once we have reviewed your application a Sales representative will send you a follow up email to complete your registration. You will need to provide the following information to proceed with your registration: - A copy of your menu with no marked-up prices - Business Entity Legal Name - Registered Business Address - Menu Tax Information (GST to be added/No GST/GST Inclusive) - Is your restaurant Halal ? (provide Halal Certification) - Business Registration Number - Bank Details - Copy of Identification Card/Passport of the of the person who will be signing the partnership agreement #submit #businessentity #businessaddress #identificationcard #menutax #halalcertification


What happens if I would like to terminate the partnership?

We don’t want to see you go and would like to know your feedback. Hence, please write on Formstack and our partner service team would reach out to you. Please give us a 1-month advance notice period. Thereafter, the equipment provided will be collected back within 14 working days. Failure to return the equipment within that period will incur a S$300.00 penalty.

Is there a cancellation fee pertaining to terminating the partnership?

No cancellation fee is involved, however do note that there are other minor fees involved for situations such as devices being misplaced.

Preparation and Delivery

How long do we have to prepare the order? Are we able to adjust the preparation time?

The default preparation time is 15 minutes and is fixed. However, we have a dynamic preparation time system that will calculate the average preparation time you need based on the basket size (Order Value) and the number of delivery orders that your restaurant is facing at that point of time.

After the food is picked up from my outlet, how long until it is delivered to the customer?

With reference our delivery radius and the minimum order value, the delivery will take about 15 minutes via foodpanda rider, depending on weather and traffic conditions.

What if it's a huge order, do we still have to prepare it within 15mins?

Due to the dynamic preparation time, more time will be given to restaurants if there is a large order. This will be reflected in the vendor’s app (Godroid).

What happens if my orders are delivered late/not delivered to the customers?

For orders delivered late or not delivered, we will investigate the cause of the order’s issue itself. Based on it, we will charge accordingly to either foodpanda itself or your outlet. Of course, foodpanda will also take care of the customer service recovery (such as refund and compensate customers with an apology voucher).

What if the customer cancels the order while the food is being prepared?

If a customer cancels an order after the restaurant has accepted it, foodpanda will still treat the order as a “successful” transaction and pay you accordingly but consider the food as wastage.

Will I be able to see the customer's details and/or rider's details?

The rider or customer's phone number will not be visible on the Godroid, unless if customers opt for Call Me option for product unavailable case, vendor will be able to see the customer's phone number.

Panda Pro

What is PandaPro?

Foodpanda is launching a new product called pandapro, an exclusive membership club connecting our highest value customers with premium restaurants/bars in Singapore.

Foodpanda have created a targeted, high-value subscription program that allows your brand to gain access to the top customers from our extensive user base and offer online customers the opportunity to dine-in at your restaurants.

Our pandapro subscribers order more frequently and spend significantly more each time they order than non-subscribers. By creating a paid subscription, we have isolated the top tier of our customer base, so that you can create targeted offers for the people that spend most often. We are inviting a selection of our top partners to add an offer to our pandapro program, attracting these top diners to your listing.

How do I get started?

Speak to your Account Manager of your interest to be part of the PandaPro Program.

He or She will send you an email and will CC in the Project Manager of the PandaPro program.

You will be required to sign a form that will require the input of details such as the type of deals you want to take part in and your restaurant’s business entity.

Why should we offer a deal?

-Partners with deals see a 30% uplift in order volume on average

-PandaPro subscribers order 2x - 4x times per week

-Subscribers spend 35% more per order on average than non-subscribers

Is there any initial payment / deposit?

You are not required to pay anything to be part of the program. You simply need to offer amazing deals to the customers during the stipulated period

Is there a minimum time frame that I need to sign up for Panda Pro?

You are required to be on the program for a minimum period of 3 months

How do I sign up for Panda Pro online?

PandaPro Dine In Deals: PandaPro Delivery Deals:

Device & Printer

If there are technical issues with the device, how long will it take for a replacement to arrive?

A replacement device will be delivered within 3-5 working days. If there is an incoming order during that time, an automated call will be directed to the person

What equipment will I receive?

You will receive a smartphone with a 3G data SIM card (already inserted into the phone), our restaurant app (Godroid) is pre-installed in the phone and a Bluetooth printer with thermal rolls. Paper bags will also be provided, you may ask for a restock by sending you request on Formstack. #3Gdatasimcard

My tablet was damaged/ stolen

Steps on requesting for a new tablet : 1, Login to Restaurant portal 2. Click on "Request Change" from Restaurant Portal and fill up the formstack with your vendor code and restaurant address) or can use below 1. Click on the "Support" icon on your godroid Apps 2. Fill up formstack with your vendor code and restaurant address

The tablet cannot be switched on

Step 1. Kindly ensure the table is charged Step 2. Try doing a hard reboot by pressing 2 buttons at the same time “power button & volume down”, hold for at least 5-10 seconds, it will automatically restart the tablet. (applicable for all Samsung tablets/phones only). Step 3. A charging icon will appear, then the tablet could be switched on. Step 4. Place the test order before continuing with the day. #tablet #switchon #notworking

Tablet keeps showing an error message

1. Check if the tablet is connected to the Internet 2. Re-enter goDroid application and select Try Again 3. Escalate through Formstack along with restaurant details if the problem persists Note: Sometimes not related to the internet - we suggest you refresh a couple of times.

Would like to clear data on tablet

Use your Godroid device and reach out via Chat or formstack to clear data/cache.

Change font /no words/ weird words on printer

Change thermal printer roll (quality of paper roll) Re-connect tablet with the printer and do the test print. Restart tablet and the printer Re-connect tablet with the printer Test print is not useful for this, please print in recent orders / test order.

How to setup the device?

Click 'Godroid' Select 'Country' Choose Singapore Press 'Get Started' Don't forget to switch volume to high and select prefered language #godroid #device #tablet

How to setup the printer?

Click on 'settings' Turn on Bluetooth Click on 'inner Printer' and ensure its paired #printer

Restaurant Portal

How to login to restaurant portal?

Link to Restaurant Portal here Forget password? Reset it here To request for your login details, on Godroid - select ‘Device, Software or Restaurant Portal Access’ via your country’s partner support team Kindly perform the password reset on their own (click on "Forgot Password?" on the login page and submit your registered email address, a temporary password will be sent to you) #godroid

Change and Request

How do I change my restaurant address?

Go to the Godroid app Click on Live chat The customer support agents will be able to help you real time to make these necessary changes.

Would like to change business registration

Kindly add your details on this form :

I would like to update my operating hours and update the schedule temporarily

You can head to the restaurant portal to make changes with your outlet/s.
If the changes are for a longer period (i.e. Covid-19) or it is because you have multiple outlets (>5) to be changed at once, kindly add your details on this form.


My restaurant was close during circuit breaker, would like to reactivate

You can head to the restaurant portal to make changes with your outlet/s. Alternatively if you have multiple outlets (>5), kindly add your details on this form.



What is pandago?

pandago is foodpanda’s new on-demand-rider service. This service allows you to request a delivery rider in an instant. You can focus on what you do best – and leave the delivery to us. Once you receive an order via phone, WhatsApp, or your own website, simply request a rider and prepare the order. pandago helps you schedule instant deliveries with our riders for a flat fee of $9. Your first 5 deliveries are on us, so go ahead and request a rider today!

How will I be charged?

pandago can be used to schedule instant deliveries for a flat fee of $9 per delivery You will be billed bi-weekly. We will pay you back any cash we collected on your behalf and you pay us any delivery fees owed. We will not charge you for your first 5 orders on pandago.

Can my customers pay by cash on delivery?

Yes, your customers can pay either through whichever online payment options you have on offer, or cash on delivery, which our rider will collect on your behalf. More information on payment can be found in section 2 of the pandago T&Cs.

More information on pandago

Fill in this form to create your account, no strings attached! Within 3 business days you will then receive a vendor code with which you can register at For more information on pandago, click here. Terms and conditions can also be found here. For any questions, please reach out to us at

Contact Us

Issues about menu, device, or finance?

Tried fixing your issue but the issue still persistant? Please contact our Partner Service team at foodpanda support

Are you looking for partnerships on service or food supplies?

Simply fill up bring a service and we will be in touch with you shortly

How can I join foodpanda?

Simple sign up here and we will be in touch with you shortly

Anymore questions on Panda Partners?

Take a look at our Help Centre

Learn more about PandaMart?

food and more, delivered groceries, fill in here to become a partner.

Digital Resilience Bonus

How do I sign up for the Digital Resilience Bonus?

The bonus is released by IMDA every month. Here is the form. foodpanda is only responsible to submit the information but has no control on whether the bonus is approved upon checking by IMDA.

What are the criteria for DRB?

To qualify for the DRB, businesses must meet the eligibility criteria below: Does your UEN fall under the Food Services or Retail sectors? Please check here (Food & Beverage) to see if you fall under one of the listed SSIC numbers. Is your UEN incorporated on or before 26 May 2020? Does your UEN have an active PayNow Corporate account? Is your UEN on the Peppol e-invoicing network? (If you are currently not on Peppol, you can sign up with one of these free solutions.

When does the form open and close for sign up?

The form is open every 5th of the month and closes on the 22nd.

How do I qualify for the 10,000$SGD bonus by IMDA?

To qualify for the full $10,000 businesses must be using one or all of the following digital solutions Category 1: Accounting, HR, Payroll and Digital Ordering (Dine-in/Takeaway)($2,500 Payout) Category 2: Online Food Delivery ($2,500 Payout)) Category 3: Data Mining and Analytics ($5,000 Payout) Foodpanda can only help you qualify for Category 2, online food delivery, which amounts to a bonus of $2,500.

How do I find out more about Digital Resilience Bonus by IMDA?

You may read about it here.

Food Delivery Booster Package

What is the Food Delivery Booster Package?

The Food Delivery Booster Package is a relief package for the Food and Beverage industry in Singapore, calibrated by Enterprise Singapore in partnership with foodpanda.

Who qualifies for the Booster Package?

The Booster Package is applicable to all ACRA-certified Singapore incorporated/registered Food & Beverage companies (with a minimum of 30% local shareholding) who are primarily in the business of preparing food and drinks in their establishments for immediate consumption. Sole proprietorships without ACRA certification are ineligible for the Booster Package.

What are the benefits of the Booster Package?

Please click here if image is not visible.

Who is eligible for 1 month of commission-free service?

All new restaurant brands to foodpanda's platform will be eligible for 1 month of commission-free service if the following conditions are met: Restaurant brand has a maximum of 2 outlets Contract has to be signed by 1st June 2020 The commission-free service will be applicable from 1 month (30 days) upon activation on foodpanda's platform. Exisiting brands on foodpanda's platform will be ineligible for the 1 month commission-free service, however they will automatically be granted a waiver of 5 percentage points (5%) from 7th April to 1st June 2020.

What are the costs associated with the Booster Package?

The Booster Package will cost SGD$100 per outlet of your brand. Payment for this will be deducted from your foodpanda invoice, and upfront payment is not required.

Want to find out more about Food Delivery Booster Package?

Kindly check it out here.


How will I receive orders?

How do I accept orders?

The food is ready, what should I do next?

What does upcoming orders mean?

Pre orders will reflect under upcoming orders at the bottom No riders are assigned yet Therefore, do not prepare the orders yet. However, please ensure these items are available Device will not ring until its near the pick up time Once it becomes relevant, it will appear as a “New” order just like any regular orders ● Ring ● Pop up screen with “You have a new order!” Likewise, you may choose to accept or decline the order

I am unable to accept the order, how do decline the order?

If you are unable to accept an order, please click on “decline” at the top right hand corner You will then be prompted to select the reason thereafter To avoid disappointed customers from declining orders, please deactivate unavailable items in advance

Some items that the customer orders is unavailable, what should I do?

Items are unavailable and marked optional, how do I remove an item from the order?

If the unavailable item is tagged as “Optional” in pink: You may “Accept” & deliver only the available items. Customer will be refunded accordingly

Items are unavailable and not marked optional, how do I remove an item from the order?

If the unavailable item is not tagged at all, unfortunately, you have to decline entire order.

What if I encounter an issue with my order? Who do I contact?

Please contact us via Help Chat Support on your goDroid for urgent order related issue or fill up our formstack for non-urgent order related issue

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