Why should I sign up for promotions?

1 .Increase exposure for both new and existing customers

2. You can boost your revenues significantly month on month!

Click here to find out more and sign up for the various promotions that you can offer your customers on foodpanda. 

  • Gives you an instant boost in visibility by placing you right on the top section in our Featured section.

  • Panda Picks is our highest section when scrolling on the foodpanda app.

  • Use this to build customer awareness about your brand

  • Gives you an instant boost in visibility

  • Placing you right at the top of the ‘All Restaurants’ section along with a pink ‘Featured’ tag

  • New customer acquisition tool

  • Shows a limited time-based discount, fully subsidized by you, to customers who haven’t purchased from you before/in the last 90 days.

  • You will be placed in a dedicated popup highlighting your restaurant. The discounts are based on the order value i.e. higher discounts for higher order value

  • Helps you give a discount to your customers and stand out from other restaurants on foodpanda.

  • Get to be part of any ‘Deals’ section with a pink tag

PandaPro Delivery Deals

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Offer discounts on your menu 

PandaPro is a membership club created by foodpanda for its top customers.  Subscribers access exclusive benefits & privileges from selected vendor partners across Singapore. It’s an exclusive program where we filter out top customers & top vendors from the rest of the pool.


Why join the PandaPro program?


You are getting access to top spending customers and getting your brand loyalty attached to them. Furthermore, your brand will now be part of   an exclusive group and you will be able to leverage PandaPro’s marketing initiatives.


There are 2 types of Delivery deals you can offer

-Free Delivery with a minimum order value of $15


*You must be an active FoodPanda restaurant Partner

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