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About The Luxury Hygiene Solution:

Hygiene Hub provides an elegant all in one hygiene solution that is purposely designed for businesses, that not only have a duty of care to their customers hygiene, but also want to provide the solution in an elegant an luxurious way that coincides with complimenting their businesses corporate social responsibility. 


The Hygiene Hub unit offers a three in one solution, a high quality antibacterial foaming hand sanitiser along with a superior quality antibacterial wetwipe, both scented, along with a convenient trash can below to dispose of the environmentally friendly wipes.

Services you might be interested in: 

Hygiene Hub offers a fully customizable monthly subscription which can be tailored to your businesses needs. With options of, adding your company logo, wrapping the unit with one of our premium vinyl wraps to better suit the environment of your business, or by designing your own fully custom vinyl wrap.


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  •  10% off and free installations 

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About Yasoda Evershine:

Established in 1997, Yasoda Evershine specializes in providing Cleaning Services for all types of Kitchens. Our Services are customized to meet the needs of individual Client’s Kitchens, from after-hours Midnight or Sunday/Public Holidays Servicing to Emergency Fast Response services. Our Clients includes Kitchens at Hotels, Clubs, Restaurants, Cafés, Bakery, Schools, Food Kiosks, Central Kitchens, Food Courts, Coffeeshops, R&D Kitchens, Hospitals, Yachts, Shopping Malls.


Services you might be interested in:

  • Kitchen Exhaust Hood & Filters Servicing / Cleaning

  • Kitchen Exhaust Ducting & Exhaust Fan Servicing / Cleaning

  • Kitchen Exhaust System Installation & Engineering Works

  • Kitchen Fresh Air System Servicing / Cleaning

foodpanda Restaurant Partner Benefits:

  • 20% Discount off Service Packages

  • Complimentary On-Site Assessment

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