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About Sleek:

Running a F&B business is hard enough! Why not make your life easier by getting rid of the hassle of paperwork and boring admin and refocus back on your customers and the reason why you started your business.

Sleek makes the lives of restaurateurs easier! 

Every month more than 100 new clients join us to digitise their incorporation, company secretary, tax and accounting services in Singapore and Hong Kong. 

Our e-signature means you can sign everything online when needed, effortlessly keep track of your expenses and cash flow and know where to find all of your company documents at your fingertips. No more searching among your pots and pans!

Come see why many restaurants choose Sleek to support their business at Sleek

Services you might be interested in: 

  1. Accessible

    • Incorporate and manage your company 100% remotely, file requests to your company secretary 24/7, sign documents electronically and apply for visas all via our secure online portal (app/desktop).

  2. Transparent

    • Straightforward pricing, no hidden costs and no hourly rates!

    •  Easy-to-understand language (no legalese)

  3. Innovative

    • World-class technology facilitating affordable pricing

    • Exclusive partner rewards with AWS, Google, Xero and ReceiptBank


Read more on how to open a F&B business!

foodpanda Restaurant Partner Benefits:

  • $100 off your first invoice with Sleek for any service from incorporation, corporate secretary or accounting

  • Xero and ReceiptBank Accounts with any Accounting & Tax package 

  • Access to participate in Sleek’s generous affiliate referral program

  • Access more than $30k in free perks via Sleek's exclusive partner ecosystem 

  • S$6,900 in AWS Promotional credit* 

  • S$10,000 in processing volume credit with Stripe

  • S$3,000 in Cloud and Firebase credits with GoogleCloud

       *T&Cs apply


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About Osome:

Osome is a 24/7 one-stop cloud solution for SMEs covering company formation, corporate secretary, accounting, visas and payroll. Robots do the routine while human experts handle complex tasks. On top of that our in app chat lets you get qualified advice within minutes.

Reserve a FREE 1-on-1 Consultation Today:

Our partner, Osome, is embarking on a project to create tailor made service packages for F&B businesses, and is calling for participants to take part in a survey via a phone call or a face to face meeting. Osome serves 3,000 companies in Singapore, Hong Kong and the UK and provides incorporation, corporate sercretary, accounting, tax and visa services through their cloud based platform. The platform uses AI and roborts to automate the routine and free certified accountants and secretaries to provide a great user experience at a reasonable price


Complete the survey and get access to a free 1-1 consultation and extra SGD50 credits from Osome on any Accounting and Tax purchases.

foodpanda Restaurant Partner Benefits:

  • Panda Vendors get access to 16% off any first purchase with Osome if they mention the code PANDA16


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About BlueMeg:

BlueMeg is a digital corporate service provider offering the full spectrum of corporate services. What makes BlueMeg stand out is its unique blend of personalized service, a team of legal and tech experts and innovative, in-house developed technology to simplify any corporate governance obligations. Clients enjoy a dedicated, secure, and digital environment in which they can view and actively manage their companies and files. BlueMeg’s smart use of technology allows them to offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality and service.

foodpanda Restaurant Partner Benefits:

3e accounting

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About 3E Accounting:

At 3E Accounting, we are a professional services firm with strong expertise in service areas such as in accounting, taxation, legal, marketing and clerical support. Having been established since 2011 in Singapore with branch offices in Malaysia and Hong Kong, we are the largest accounting network in Asia with network offices in 80 countries to-date. Aligned closely with industry best practices and standards of excellence, we have numerous awards, accreditation as well as media mentions. We are available 24/7, always ready to serve our clients and answer your queries. We hope to hear from you soon.

foodpanda Restaurant Partner Benefits:

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